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Get your all-inclusive digital presence now.

[url=http://1stbase.ai/introducing-1stbase][size=175]Introducing 1stbase[/size][/url]
[size=175]The world's first Meta-CMS and 'anything' builder

Don't know what that means?

Imagine  something like Wordpress, but instead of updating just your website,  you're also automatically updating your app, your Facebook apps, your  PDF brochures, your chatbot, email templates, and so much more! All  real-time, at the same time. All included. 

And  the kicker? 1stbase is infinitely quicker and easier to use, and has  been tried and tested for 2 years with real people from all ages and  technical skills.
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package][size=175]All this is yours, right now[/size][/url]

[b]We don't nickel-and-dime you. We simply give you the whole thing; a brand new website, apps, brochures and much more.[/b]
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products][size=150]20 products included[/size][/url]

1stbase's auto-generated products puts your content on 20 different platforms, products and media. From website to brochures and even chat bots!

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/introduction][size=125]What are 'products'?[/size][/url]

To be able to show your content on as many media channels and platforms possible, 1stbase provides you with a great number of 'products', each custom designed for you and your brand.

The many 1stbase products, allows your content to exist, be distributed and viewed on virtually any platform or media channel. The latter obviously increases your potential audience immensely; your message is absolutely everywhere people look. Not only does it help with reaching more people in more ways, it also gives your brand a vastly more impressive digital footprint that search engines will pick up on; being everywhere your customers and search engines look, greatly helps with your search engine rankings!

Before 1stbase came along, only big companies were able to spend the time and money to create a presence on these media channels and platforms individually. Now, anyone can afford to be across all the different media channels and platforms, thanks to all the 1stbase products that use your content to create the right experience for your user, regardless of which media channel or platform they come across your content.
[size=175]How do products differ?

Different media channels and platforms tend to highlight different aspects of your content, simply because they tend to cater to different use cases; websites are the go-to way to interact with your brand and offer a rich experience, while apps are typically consulted on-the-go and possibly outside cell-coverage, requiring they work off-line and fast navigation with one hand. Printed documents require good contrast and should be optimised for minimal ink usage, while Facebook page tabs need to integrate nicely with the Facebook ecosystem and interface to provide a seamless experience.

All these different use cases require different products. With 1stbase you cover them all - now and in the future!

1stbase Products[size=175]How does my content relate to different products?[/size]

The 1stbase products are responsible for making your content look good, no matter what it is, how it is viewed or how it gets interacted with. Your 1stbase products are expertly designed by professionals to adhere to what a user of a particular platform or media channel would expect in terms of looks, navigation and functionality.

Importantly, 1stbase products (for example your website) are not rigid templates where you need to shoe-horn your content into (as is the case with, for example, Wordpress or Drupal templates). 1stbase viewers are much more intelligent and are 'content-driven', meaning that they adapt the look and feel to your content and not the other way around.

Your content is presented in the most effective way for the specific media channel or platform that the reader is viewing your content on. For example, if the reader is viewing your content as a mobile app, all content is available off-line (in case the reader loses coverage) and relevant links are opened in the relevant on-board apps (for example google Maps), while navigation is optimised for one-handed use.

Another example; if you reader is reading your content as a printed PDF, all important links will have been automatically converted into QR Codes, so that following a link is as simple as scanning in the QR Code.

Every media channel or platform will have its unique uses and ways of showing content. The 1stbase viewers make sure your content is always ready for consumption, no matter the media channel or platform your audience chooses to use.

The latter is also why 1stbase is future-proof; when a new medium or platform comes along, all it takes is for us at 1stbase to create a new 1stbase product for your content on the new medium and platform and away you go! Thanks to 1stbase' flexible viewers, putting your content into 1stbase is a smart, long term investment.
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/website][size=125]Responsive Website[/size][/url]

Websites are still the first port of call for anyone looking for your brand or business.

With over 50% of incoming traffic now originating from mobile devices, it's more important than ever to present those users with an experience that is suitable (and even capitalises on the unique functionality) for those devices.

1stbase Responsive Website

Responsive design is a fancy term for websites that 'respond' to the cues that different devices give to websites when they request a page. Thanks to a website being 'responsive' to the needs of those devices, the websites can provide a tailored experience to the specific screen size of the device requesting the web page.

The result is a much better user experience for all your users, allowing better placement of the content that matters (e.g. your call-to-action), as well as avoiding the navigation/zooming/pinching frustrations that 'unresponsive' sites foist upon their users.

Your 1stbase website is fully responsive and adheres to the latest standards to make browsing your content as painless as possible, no matter which device your users use to access it.

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/mobile-app][size=125]Mobile App[/size][/url]

In recent years, apps have seen an enormous amount of interest from the public and businesses alike.

Often touted as 'the next big thing', mobile apps allow for new ways to engage with your content.

1stbase Mobile App

Apps are optimised for use on-the-go. As such they need to be usable with one hand, be able to show information without too much scrolling, and need to integrate nicely with other apps available on the device (for example the mail client, Google maps and any apps that allow for  content sharing apps).  Your 1stbase app adheres to all of these requirements.

Additionally, all content in your 1stbase app is available off-line for the user, in the event the mobile device loses network access or cell coverage.

To install your 1stbase app, your users do not have to go through any of the app stores to get your app, nor do you need to create a developer account to submit your app to any app store.


All your 1stbase content is available as multiple PDFs.

At any time, users can convert any section of your content (or the full content) into self-contained PDF documents.

1stbase PDF Brochure

Large sections will be given a table of contents, as well as a cover page.

Important links are automatically converted into QR codes, saving people who wish to follow those links time and hassle.


All your 1stbase content is available as a Flipbook.

At any time, users can convert any section of your content (or the full content) into self-contained Flipbook.


Important links are automatically converted into QR codes, saving people who wish to follow those links time and hassle.
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/facebook-page-tabs][size=125]Facebook Page Tabs[/size][/url]

The 1stbase Facebook page tabs allow you to display any section of your content as up to 4 Facebook distinct pages on your brand's Facebook page.

1stbase Facebook Page Tab Product

Facebook page tabs are a great way to let your audience engage with your 1stbase content without them ever having to leave Facebook. 

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/visually-impaired-website][size=125]Website for the visually impaired[/size][/url]

1stbase offers your audience a way to consume your content that is friendly to those with a visual impairment.

1stbase Website for the Visually Impaired

Automatic text-to-speech audio rendering, combined with large lettering and the removal of distracting non-essential visual embellishments, provides people with a visual impairment (or those that need to keep their eyes focused elsewhere) a means to peruse your content.

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/qr-codes][size=125]QR Codes[/size][/url]

QR codes provide a convenient way for your audience to find content on your website, without having to type long URLs.

Example of a QR Code displayed at a point-of-sale, in order to draw people to a website.

Your QRCodes are available in the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format, ready for use by you or your graphic designer in point-of-sale displays, signage or other printed materials.

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/commodore-64-app][size=125]Commodore 64 app[/size][/url]

Your unique design and content on a microcomputer from 1982, just because you can!

We created it to drive the point home that 1stbase effortlessly doubles as an on-line C64 app builder, just like 1stbase is simultaneously a website builder, Android/iOS app creator, Facebook app creator, PDF document creator and more.

1stbase Commodore 64 app

And the best thing? There is nothing new to learn, nothing new to think about while 1stbase does all this for you; just focus on your content and let 1stbase do the rest!

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/products/email-template][size=125]Email template[/size][/url]

A professional looking email template that uses your unique design and content is available for you to send branded email.

As with everything in 1stbase, even your email template is enhanced with lead generating functionality; your call-to-action and social media are just a click away for anyone reading your message.

1stbase HTML Email Template

A unique feature of your 1stbase email template is that, aside from the message content, it displays your news headlines in the email. This means that, no matter how old or recent the email is, whenever it is viewed, the news will always be up to date, potentially giving your readers a reason to visit your website if they'd like to know more.
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/ada][size=150]Unlimited redesigns[/size][/url]

Full 24/7 access to your own artificially intelligent designer (our Automated Design Assistant "ADA") means your 1stbase presence's designs are never out of date and always look consistent with your brand and preferences.

"[i]Can you make it look a bit more modern?[/i]", "[i]It's too colourful[/i]", "[i]I don't like the red[/i]", "[i]Please move the navigation down[/i]"; they are all valid ways of expressing aspects of your design brief and helping ADA think in the right direction.

If you are more of a control freak, you can also micro-manage ADA by going through each of her design suggestions and adding or removing them to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can stimulate ADA's neural net directly by directly sending impulses into the different creative areas of her brain, to quickly nudge her in the right direction.

Rather than browsing yet another collection of templates and grappling with yet another DIY drag & drop interface for yet another platform, service or medium, 1stbase and ADA free you up to let you do what you are good at; running your business, blog, band or Kittens Appreciation Society. 

[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/features][size=150]other goodies[/size][/url]

Rock solid hosting, text-to-speech, social media integration. All yours, all included.

The content on your website can be read out loud by a voice in your local accent.

This can be accomplished by either clicking the text-to-speech (headphones) icon in the "transform" section, or by appending "?tts=true" to a url, to trigger text-to-speech automatically as soon as the page is loaded.
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/features/social-media-integration][size=125]social media integration[/size][/url]

1stbase can customise and push out your news to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as RSS.

It even suggest a Tweet for you and shows you which keywords are trending at the moment.


1stbase includes rock-solid, enterprise grade, high availability hosting with Amazon Web Services.

We always make sure your 1stbase presence has the bandwidth and CPU power required to serve your audience.

As opposed typical cheap hosting packages, we don't cram many users into one single server at once and hope for the best!

[url=http://1stbase.ai/painless-content-updates][size=175]Painless content updates[/size][/url]
[size=175]friendly, easy, fast

[b]1stbase's interface is incredibly quick and easy to use, and has been tested and  perfected over three years, with real clients and people of all ages and  technical skills.[/b]

1stbase is feature-rich when you need it, yet tries to get out of  your way when you don't, so you can get on with your day; 1stbase was  built for the time-poor.

[url=http://1stbase.ai/designed-by-ada][size=175]your unique designs by ada[/size][/url]
[size=175]design by artificial intelligence[/size]

[b]Let's be honest -  chances are that designing for 20+ platforms, services and media  simultaneously isn't [i]exactly[/i] your forte or favorite past-time. Correct?[/b] 

Instead our Automated Design Assistant (ADA) is your AI  designer and knows best how to deal with the many different platforms,  services and media. And being an AI, she's much faster than you are; instead of spending hours customizing a template, [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcuDgNoR06Q]you are done in minutes[/url]!

Need a refresh or have a new logo? Literally tell ADA of any changes you need, and  she will make them within seconds. You can preview or publish  your new look in near-real-time, and instantly roll out your changes across your entire 1stbase presence.