Masterclass for Principals 2018

Masterclass for Principals and School Leaders

This event has now concluded. The 2019 Conference program will be announced mid November 2018.

G9 Education will once again present Master Classes for Principals and school leadership teams. G9 is a consortium of highly experienced educational consultants working together to improve schools and schooling.

The Master Class program has been designed to give school leaders practical guidance about how to design, align and implement key school improvement reforms

The sessions will have a school-wide focus and outline proven practices for getting the whole-school curriculum right; getting staff performance right; and getting whole-school teaching right.

Key topics include:

Participants will be challenged by the latest research explaining why schooling needs to be transformed and participate in sessions that build the case for and provide the strategies to:

· build a positive view of students, teachers and schools by focusing on curiosity, engagement and empowerment (Session 1 with Wayne Craig)

· manage, monitor and embed a school-wide approach to sustaining the implementation of high impact classroom practices (Session 2 with Peter Cole)

· focus staff performance on the things that really matter (Session 3 with Ross Kimber)

Session 4 with Chris Wardlaw will be a hands-on session using tested evidence-based tools that support leaders and teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning by:

· collecting real-time data on high impact leadership and teaching practices

· interpreting and reflecting on data to pinpoint those practices that are working well and those that need improving

These sessions derived from a well-established evidence base focus on how to re-engineer current core schooling processes and practices to produce significant school-wide improvement. They provide participants with practical ways of looking at taken-for-granted approaches that may no longer represent best practice.


Registration – 8:45am – 9:30am

Session 1: Reach (and teach) for the Stars: An optimistic approach to whole school improvement

9:30am – 10:30am
Speaker: Wayne Craig
Former Australian Vice President for McREL, Former DET Regional Director of the Northern Metropolitan Region from 2005-12

Wayne will address five key questions:

· How do we build a positive view of students, teachers and schools?

· Why must we move away from ‘back to the future’ and lowest common denominator policy approaches?

· How can we build literacy for now and the future not just the past?

· Why do we need to focus on curiosity, engagement and empowerment?

· What are practical ways for ensuring thinking, understanding and learning occurs in schools?

Session 2: Never Ending Capacity Building

10:30am – 11:30am
Speaker: Peter Cole
Former DET Senior Executive

Session Overview
Peter will address three key questions:

· What’s wrong with the conventional professional learning model?

· What professional learning model guarantees improved school-wide teaching practice?

· How do we implement an effective, on-going, team-based and school-wide professional learning model that deeply impacts on classroom practice?

Morning Tea - 11:30 - 11:45

Session 3: Getting your staff performance right

11:45am – 12:45pm
Speaker: Ross Kimber

Former DET Regional Director of the Eastern Metropolitan Region

Session Overview
Ross will address three key questions:

· What can good teacher performance and development do?

· What are the processes for setting, reviewing and providing effective feedback on performance goals?

At the end of this session leaders will know how to focus staff performance on the things that really matter.

Lunch - 12:45pm - 1:45pm

Session 4: Generating whole school performance

1:30pm – 3:15pm
Speaker: Chris Wardlaw
Former Deputy Secretary Department of Employment and Training; Chair of VCAA Board

Session Overview
Chris will facilitate a hands-on session that enables participants to experience using and reflecting on a range of school improvement tools that they can use when back in their school.

At the end of this session leaders will have used real time data gathering tools that monitor:

· instructional leadership practices

· the quality of their school’s performance and development processes

· classroom management practices

· a real time monitoring tool to conduct a deep inquiry into classroom instruction practices


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