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[size=175]We are the creators of AÍFE.AI[/size]

AÍFE.AI creates big digital footprints in 60 seconds, for businesses and individuals. 

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[size=175]Seamless, autonomous, single-source content delivery + styling for any platform or medium.[/size]

Real-time, field-tested, dual-patented and future-proof.

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[size=175]Instant, massive digital marketing footprints for SMBs

AÍFE.AI  takes content normally destined for a lone website or Facebook page. Instead, our AI uses that content to create beautiful websites, apps, social media and more, all at once and by itself. All are tailored to your unique brand and audience, across 25+ different media. Updates happen real-time, at the touch of a button, no hassle. 

AÍFE.AI makes your brand or business look BIG in the eyes of customers and search engines, without extra effort or cost.
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[size=175]Content delivered when, where and how your organisation needs it

From paper napkin idea to boardroom-ready presentation in 60 seconds. Our  technology gets your message - however simple or complex - across any  channel or medium. All attractively styled and presented in any format that  is convenient. 
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However this content came to you - website, app, brochure, audio or chatbot - this is our platform automatically styling it and bringing it to you.