What is StarTools?

A screenshot of the User Interface
StarTools is very powerful, yet simple to use; no windows, process containers command lines or other distractions.

StarTools comprises a a multi-platform processing engine, built from scratch.

Building something from scratch allowed us to create a new architecture that capitalises on the enormous amounts of computing power RAM and storage space most modern computing platforms are equipped with. For the first time, brute force techniques and all-encompassing data mining of the user's processing flow has come within reach. Indeed, the StarTools processing engine throws nothing away and every intermediary step is analysed.

The StarTools processing engine throws nothing away and every intermediary step is analysed.

Building a new processing engine around more powerful hardware, allowed us to do away with archaic and sub-optimal tools like histogram stretching and other simplistic tools that are better matched to the capabilities of technology from the 1990s. Combined with increased processing power and memory capacity, the data mining allowed us to rejuvenate ageing tools like wavelet sharpening and deconvolution by infusing them with localised data-mined statistics about the data they operate on.

The result is post-processing package that has no equal in areas such as noise reduction, fine detail enhancement, colour calibration in the visual spectrum and ease of use.

We're incredibly pleased StarTools superior processing capabilities haven't gone unnoticed, now being the tool of choice for a rapidly growing group of enthusiasts and institutions that numbers in the thousands.

StarTools multi-platform processing engine and UI (User Interface) presently runs on Intel Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Intel MacOSX 64-bit, Intel Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and ARM Android 32-bit devices. The processing engine and UI are screen size and input device agnostic by design and keep on-machine dependencies to a minimum, in order to ensure maximum portability. Despite this, the full package which contains all Intel versions currently weighs in at a mere 3MB compressed.

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